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Three Weeks!

Camp is drawing closer.  Just three weeks of sanity left. Are you ready?

And how ready are you?  Are you plotting or pantsing?

I’m plotting.  Well, actually, it’s already plotted and semi-started (mostly I just moved the stuff that I needed from Book 5 into place – it will need to be adjusted for point of view in first edits).

But I need to tweak my outline and get it more usable so I won’t be stumbling for reasons and motives and explanations midway through.  I know what’s going to happen but the “why” is still kind of nebulous.  I mean, I have a vague idea, and it’s all written in notes at the end of my outline, but I need to work it into the outline’s bullet points so I’m not left drowning in giant tear-filled plot holes that I have to backtrack to fill in when I start editing.

(I like detailed outlines – the more detailed the better!)

And let’s not talk about the “when” – I have no idea where this is going to fit in the overall series timeline.  Well, I have a vague idea, but I should probably try to pin it down before April.

Trouble is, between now and April I’m also trying to finish entering the changes to Book Four, and do the first round paper edits of Book Five.  (Anyone else out there trying to finish stuff before Camp starts?)

But, one way or another, in April I will finish the first draft of Book Six (and thus have at least a first draft of all twelve books in The Academy of the Accord)

And in May…

In May I’m taking a break from The Academy of the Accord to finally finish the revisions on Onyx Sun and get it released.  That shouldn’t take all month, though, so I might see about entering the changes to Book Five.


What happened to taking a break from it?






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