Sunday Snippet March 6, 2016

Book One of The Academy of the Accord is safely in the hands of a brave beta reader, and Book Two is waiting in the wings for her, so I’m going to post from Book Three this month.

You met Kordelm and Wellhym last month, so now let me introduce you to their wizards, Caristen and Torlew.  The boys are now eighteen years old; Kordelm and Wellhym have just received their warrior capes, and Caristen and Torlew are being given their Journeyman’s robes.


Once the congratulations settled, Vinadi cleared his throat.  “Kord? Wel? If I could borrow your wizards for a moment?”

“Only if you promise to give them back unharmed,” Kordelm replied.  “We’re going to need them tomorrow.”

“And every day after,” Wellhym added as he stepped back from his wizard.  Torlew smiled at him and turned to face Vinadi, who was now standing at the table.

“Caristen,” Vinadi said, and the brown haired apprentice stepped forward, dark brown eyes holding Vinadi’s gaze. 

“You are no longer an apprentice.” Vinadi pulled the white robe from Caristen’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor.  “You earned this robe a long time ago,” he said as he lifted a pile of grey fabric from the table and handed it to him, “and I wish I could have given it to you sooner.”  He smiled as Caristen settled the Journeyman’s robes around himself, then he reached around the young man and tied a white sash around his waist, belting the robe; when he and Torlew returned to work on their staffs the belt would be changed to a black one.

Briefly he embraced the new Journeyman and then stepped back from him.






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19 responses to “Sunday Snippet March 6, 2016

  1. Hey … what happened to book 2 ?? I wasn’t ready yet to move on … LOL … interesting start ….

  2. Good snippet…I can imagine that the grey is easier to keep clean (or at least the appearance of clean) than the white one ever was.

  3. mikeakin1

    A question about levels of wizardry if I may. How many levels are their? This fascinates me. :)

    • In this series there are three levels: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. The apprentices wear white robes and white belts until their last year at the school, at which time they get a grey belt. Journeymen wear grey robes with white belts while they are journeying. When they return to the school to make their staffs and prepare for their testing they wear black belts. Masters wear black robes.

  4. Nice to have the background from Book 2. Looking forward to the new storyline.

  5. I would like to borrow a couple of wizards too… nice rite of passage snippet!

  6. I like ceremonious way the robes are presented. I’m a big fan of ritual and customs in para/specfic books. :-) Nicely done, Paula!

  7. Nice moment, thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and the details!

  8. Congrats to these guys. Great snippet. :)

  9. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Enjoyed the snippet. Interesting ceremony.

  10. siobhanmuir

    Like watching children grow. Great snippet, P.T.

  11. elainecsc2013

    What a nice moment. I enjoyed the ceremony.

  12. Well-captured. The sense of pride comes through, as well as a little bit of foreboding regarding future events.

  13. I liked the bit about always needing a wizard. It got me wondering why, what’s the danger?

  14. Good to see that everything turned out well. :)

  15. I’d say they’re off to a great start for the beginning of Book 3.

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