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Packing and Planning

It’s going to be a crazy busy weekend.

Work, of course, and the snippet blog hops.

But in addition to the usual, this afternoon I find out what time my gallbladder surgery is on Monday, and once I know that I can start planning when to do all the stuff that needs to get done before then.

Yes, I already have a list of what I need to do and pack, but knowing when I have to have it done by will help a lot.

As to what I’m taking, oh, just the usual…

a change of clothes
my phone and charger
my Kindle Fire and charger
a notebook or two
a few pens
possibly a manuscript to edit
colored pens, highlighter, post it notes, and paperclips for the editing process

I’m also going to take a counted cross stitch project or two

What?  Doesn’t everyone pack like that for an overnight hospital stay?  What is wrong with people?

Actually, I’m hoping for an early surgery with a chance of talking the surgeon into letting me go home that day.  After all, I’m an LPN and my roommate is an RN and will be home with me so…

But just in case he doesn’t see things my way, I’ll be prepared.

And since I’ll be off work for a week, maybe two, I should finish entering changes to Book Two of The Academy of the Accord next week.  I’m a fifth of the way through it now.  I still need to finish the paper edits of Book Three, though.

And I think I’ve come up with a way to start organizing a concordance for it. (Muse knows I need one!)  The current plan is to start with a Bullet Journal to get all the information in one cross-referenced place. Then I can go from there to build an actual concordance or writer’s bible which will eventually move into a three ring binder, I think.

(Adds a blank book to start the Bullet Journal in to the packing list.)

(Yes, I know it would have been much easier and made much more sense to have started tracking all this from the beginning.  Had I known how much this was going to grow, I would have.)

Oh, and if you don’t know what a Bullet Journal is, check out this video:


And if anyone else has a Writer’s Bible for a series they’re writing, please feel free to share your organizational tips and tricks here. I have the feeling I’m going to need all the help I can get.

(Some wonderful people from a Bullet Journal FB group have given me suggestions for apps and software which I’ll check out next week while I’m off.)



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