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February Goals

First, a recap of January.

I did manage to get the changes made to Book One of The Academy of the Accord. Barely, but it’s done and is safely in the hands of (well, in the email of) a fearless (or maybe fearful) beta reader.

I didn’t fair so well in the “write every day” category but today starts a new month so I’m ready to try again.

I did finish the paper edits of Book Two of The Academy of the Accord and will be entering changes every day.  I want it done before the end of the month and Book Three started.  (Book Three is still in paper edits.)

I also need to realize that sometimes I have to adjust my goals.  For instance, on weekends when I’m working and doing blog hops, other things might have to fall by the wayside a bit.  I’m going to try not to let them, but I won’t beat myself up over it when it happens, either.

So, writing goals for February:

Get Book Two of The Academy of the Accord updated in Word.

Finish paper edits of Book Three of The Academy of the Accord

Depending on how long it takes to get Book Two’s changes made, maybe get Book Three’s done, too.  That’s probably pushing it quite a bit, though, so I’m not holding me to that one.

So, those are my writing goals.

Non-writing goals are mostly focused on house stuff – deluttering, maintaining a set cleaning schedule, that sort of thing.  I suck at housework.  I keep up with laundry and cleaning the rat cage, but that’s about it, but I really want that to change, so…

I also want to do more craft stuff – crochet, counted cross stitch, etc. I’m not quite sure how or when to schedule time for that, though. Work days are crunched enough as it is and the to-do lists for my days off are usually an exercise in over-estimating my abilities.

And, yes, I am fully aware that “doing more craft stuff” is in direct opposition to “decluttering and cleaning.”  I can dream though, can’t I?






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