Sunday Snippet January 17, 2016

Skipping ahead a bit in Book One of the Academy of the Accord series.  Marsden has reached the town of Claimach to rescue Vinadi, a wizard who was stranded there when his escort (Rodak) was killed in a bar fight.

Vinadi has been kept locked in a room in the loft of a barn.  I’m picking up with Marsden finding him.


The air in the barn loft was hot and heavy, and what little breeze managed to find its way through the gaps between the boards only served to stir up the dust and make it seem even hotter, and Marsden felt sick as he slid the key into the heavy padlock, afraid of what he would find beyond the door.

A wall of heat met him, bringing with it the stench of human waste and unwashed body, but Marsden barely noticed.  It was the figure in the center of the room that held his attention.

The wizard was on his side, gagged and blindfolded, his arms and hands bound behind his back at the wrist and elbow, other ropes securing his knees and ankles. The grey robes that marked him as Journeyman were torn, revealing bruises that ranged from the yellowish green of almost healed to the red and purple of recently inflicted.  He made no effort to move, gave no indication that he was even aware of the warrior’s presence, and Marsden choked on a wave of fear. Had he arrived too late? Was he only in time to rescue a corpse?




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13 responses to “Sunday Snippet January 17, 2016

  1. Incredibly descriptive writing, Paula! Nah. He’s not too late. It’s a much better story if he saves him in the nick of time. :-)

  2. You put me right there in the room with him. Wonderfully tense snippet!

  3. mikeakin1

    Great descriptive words!! Hey, question about writing about wizards and such…what sources do you use for research?

  4. Intense stuff. Your use of detailed sensory imagery really drives it home & brings the reader deep into the scene.

  5. Excellent description and leaves us on a cliffhanger! Which is good…

  6. I’m with everyone else. Great description.

  7. I find it very ironic that the last warrior was killed in a bar fight… LOL

    But anywho, poor wizard! Seems like the locals weren’t very nice or considerate. Hope he’s still alive! Nicely done on descriptions, felt like I was there.

  8. elainecsc2013

    Super description. I felt like I was there.

  9. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Yikes, I hope he’s not to late, but those descriptions make you believe he might be. Great imagery.

    Check out our snippet links at Pinterest.

  10. What the hell happened? And thinking that the other didn’t want to come to the rescue. I really hope he is not too late.

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