Half a Plot Bunny

…is better than no plot bunny.

I think.

A few days ago a friend and I were chatting on FB (Hi, Dani!) and a plot bunny hopped into the conversation.  So of course, both of us being writers, we tried to push it off on each other.

It’s not really a plot bunny, though.  More like half a plot bunny.

But what do you do with half a plot bunny?

Well, I don’t know what she’s doing with hers, but I’m putting mine with another half of a plot bunny.

And, no:  writers have a special kind of math in which two plot bunny halves do not necessarily make a whole.

Let me explain.

I had a story idea.

Well, sort of a story idea.

What I actually had were a couple main characters and a few minor ones.  And a building that they live in. And sort of an idea of what they do. (They’re kind of like Jedis, only different.)

Then I grafted on the new half of a plot bunny and got some added depth involving… I’m not sure what to call it. Finding a soulmate? Your other you? I’ll need to define it more closely eventually, but for now, it’s there, hovering over the story and trying to find a piece of plot to wrap itself around.

So I have a bit of world building but no story, no plot.

That will come as I get to know the characters more, get some back story on them.

More world building will come along with it because right now, other than the one building, there isn’t much. I’m not even exactly sure what to call what the not-Jedis do.

But I’m in no rush.  I have plenty of full grown bunnies to work with, not to mention way more works in progress than any one writer should have.  And let’s not forget The Academy of the Accord – I’m still about halfway through entering the changes for Book One, book Two is done with the first round paper edits, and I’ve started them on Book Three.

I just wish the half bunnies weren’t so persistent.




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  1. I think mine has become more persistent than yours suddenly…

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