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I’m giving up on weekends.

Okay, so I can’t really take them out of the calendar or anything, but I’m going to have to reconcile myself to the fact that I don’t get anything accomplished on Saturday and Sunday.

For one thing, I work weekends. This by itself would not be a problem, at least, no more of a problem than working on weekdays, but (as you’ve no doubt noticed) I now participate in two blog hops on weekends.  I try to keep up with them as people post (so I’m not trying to finish them at the end of the week) so that kind of puts just about everything else on hold.

Remember that fifty word paragraph I was having trouble with in Friday’s post? Well, I rewrote it Friday night and tried to type it into Word on Saturday.  It took over an hour because I didn’t want to fall behind on the blog hop.

On a brighter note, I had a really good night of doing paper edits on Saturday, and I’m almost done with the first round on Book Two of The Academy of the Accord.

But, yeah, I’m going to have to lower my expectations of productivity on Saturday and Sunday – and probably most of Monday, too.

This wouldn’t be so bad if I could count on making up lost time on my days off, but I’m afraid I’ve been slacking then, too.  Sometimes it seems that the more time I have to do something the longer it takes me to do it, and I’m actually more productive on work days.

No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to start working seven days a week. I need my weekends – even if they aren’t the same as everyone else’s.







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