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Sunday Snippet January 10, 2016

Continuing with Book One of the Academy of the Accord series, which is about halfway through the first round of edits (with probably two more rounds (at least!) to go.  Picking up from where I left off last week.

The last line from last week’s snippet:
“There’s a wizard stranded out in Claimach.  His escort got killed in a fight and he needs a warrior.”


“What kind of fight?”   “Who was it?”   “Who’s the wizard?” 

The questions all pelted him at once but he shook his head.  “Wizard’s name is Vinadi. I don’t know any more than that.”

“Rodak was with him,” someone said.  “He’s a tough fighter.”

“Any takers?” Ulav asked, his piercing gaze traveling the room.  The warriors looked at each other, avoiding his gaze. 

“Right,” a man with pale blond hair replied. “We’re all just dying to risk our necks for some worthless wizard that’s already gotten one warrior killed.  Or maybe I should take it — I’ll bet he did something to violate the Accord and that’s what got Rodak killed. He probably even killed him. Let him rot there for a day or two while I think it over.”

“I’ll take it,” Marsden said, casting a disgusted look at the speaker.

“You sure, son? You just got in.”

“I’m sure.”





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