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So Far, So Good

I know it’s too early in the year to pat myself on the back, but so far I’ve written something in my current novel every day. Okay, so I think my total so far is around 120 words, but they are 120 words that weren’t there on December 31st.

And I’ve been editing.

I finished the first round of paper edits of the first book of The Academy of the Accord series, which is not really all that impressive – there wasn’t that much of it left to do.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make a pretty good dent in entering the changes in Word over the next couple of days while I’m off.

(Paper edits:  I print a completed first draft and do the edits on paper. It’s easier for me to “see” scenes that need to be moved or deleted if I have physical pages to flip through.)

Currently I’m working on the first round of paper edits of the second book, and am making really good progress – so much so that I’m wondering if it’s too much to hope for to have both books One and Two ready for a reprint for a second round by the middle of the month. (Probably, but I can dream, right?)  I’m actually beginning to believe that I might be able to get this series ready for a 2017 release after all! (Yeah, yeah. It’s only January 4th. Don’t get excited — we’ll see how I feel about it in August.)

Then, of course, I need titles for all twelve books, but that’s a whole other long sad story.

On a brighter note, my attempt to organize my projects is going well.

Maybe too well.

So far I have nearly 50 index cards with stories on them.  Some are just plot bunnies or vague ideas, but still… And there are at least three others that I don’t have a good way to label a card for yet, and I’m sure there are many others that are just waiting to remind me that they exist.

(No wonder it gets so crowded in my head!)

I need to come up with categories so I can color code them. I’m thinking WiP (Works in Progress), MiE (Manuscripts in Editing), and S&E (Starts and Ideas).  But I need to make a distinction between “WiP” and “Start” – how much writing constitutes a WiP as opposed to a start?

And how much juggling can one person do with professional intervention?


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