Sunday Snippet January 3, 2016


Leaving Onyx Sun to focus on my main project for this year: The Academy of the Accord.  It’s a series of twelve books and my main goal this year is to get them edited and ready to release in 2017.  (You can all stop laughing now.)

This is from the first book of the series.

Marsden stepped into the barracks of the Warrior Guild in Widna and raised a hand in greeting to the men already there.  Dropping his pack onto an empty bunk he followed it to the mattress with a weary groan as the others went back to their tasks and conversations.  He had been out for three months escorting a rather boring and sour wizard named Barlen and now all he wanted was to collapse and sleep for a week. Or maybe two.  He stretched and settled against the mattress, too tired to worry about blankets.  

The kinks in his back had just relaxed when the door opened again.  It was Ulav, the old warrior who was in charge of the Widna Barracks.

“Messenger just in.”  

Marsden sat up as the room fell silent, all eyes on Ulav as the old warrior stood in the doorway, his gnarled hand gripping the knob.

“There’s a wizard stranded out in Claimach.  His escort got killed in a fight and he needs a warrior.”


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12 responses to “Sunday Snippet January 3, 2016

  1. chellecordero

    Right in on the action, I like it. You get us totally absorbed and feeling his attempt to relax and recharge, and yet he is so attentive when the door is opened. Great snippet.
    (ps: I’m not laughing, you can do it.)

  2. Yes, you really made me feel his exhaustion, but I’m thinking he’s not going to get any rest after all. Wonderful snippet that makes me eager to read more!

  3. Nice snippet–I’m sure you’ll have them done by 2017. Loved the description of the “boring and sour wizard.”

  4. Poor guy. I hate being interrupted once I’ve settled. Great snippet. :)

  5. I like the set up and now I’m eager to find out what happens next! Excellent excerpt.

  6. An another wizard fell on his lap. Why can’t they take care of themselves? lol

  7. siobhanmuir

    Heh, guess he doesn’t get to rest quite yet. Great snippet, P.T. :)

  8. Karen Michelle Nutt

    He’s not going to get any rest, is he? lol

  9. Bet I know who’s going back out. No rest for the weary.

  10. Oh no, but what’s a warrior to do?

  11. Ah… no rest for the weary. I like how you captured the fatigue, promised respite, then yanked it away. Nice!

  12. Like Jeff said, never any rest for the weary. I’d want to sleep for a week or more too if I was him, especially if I had to do with a boring and sour wizard. Then again, if I was dealing with a wizard I might be too excited to care how boring or sour he was. LOL!

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