Sunday Snippet December 27, 2015

So, Taliya was accosted by a couple detective types about an explosion at the dealer where she had bought her ship.  Skipping ahead a bit, but she was taken to the station and questioned, even though she wasn’t a suspect.  When she returned to her ship, she found that it had been searched in her absence.


“Pendelia Four Planetary Investigations.”

“This is Taliya Swann of the Vain Glory.  I need to speak to Agent Ridi or Agent Capize.  Immediately.”

“I am sorry, ma’am, they are both out of the office.  I can leave a message for them and they will contact you when they come in.”

Taliya took a grip on her rising anger.  “What part of ‘immediately’ makes you think that I want to wait until they return to the office?    I know they are reachable.  Put me through to one of them. Now.”

“One moment, ma’am.”

Eventually the blank hold screen was replaced by a face she had hoped she would not have to see again:  Agent Capize.

“Was my ship searched while I was off of it?”

“Yes, we searched your ship.”

“On what grounds?”

“That is part of an open investigation.  I cannot divulge that information.”

“I’ll tell you what you can divulge,” she spat.  “You can divulge who I contact to get a crew back here to clean up the mess they made.  I want everything put back the way it was within the hour or I will be contacting an attorney regarding an illegal search, not to mention detaining me and harassing me.  Furthermore, if I discover any irregularities in my accounts or with my ship, your department will hear about it and will be held accountable.”

“Miss Swann…”

“Miss Swann, nothing.  I was detained and questioned as if I was a suspect.  I was not charged nor was I permitted to contact my attorney.  This gets cleaned up – now – or there will be repercussions.”

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9 responses to “Sunday Snippet December 27, 2015

  1. Wow, great snippet–I hope they take her seriously. She means business.

  2. Yeah! Give ’em hell, Taliya! Great snippet.

  3. elainecsc2013

    You tell ’em!

  4. Good for her – take no guff! But I have a feeling this is all going to get a lot more complicated, fast. Terrific snippet.

  5. Go Girl! You tell’em …

  6. chellecordero

    She certainly is a lot calmer than I would have been considering how many of her rights were violated. But then again that controlled rage coupled with demands can be very intimidating. Says a lot about her. Great snippet.

  7. Bwahaha! Oh I love her sass! Be very wary of the silent and deadly controlled type, be very scared and just do as she says then tuck tail and run before all hell breaks loose under her fingertips.

  8. Great snippet! I wouldn’t want her mad at me. :)

  9. They better not mess with her, she seems pretty mad today.

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