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In Search Of A Plan…


The countdown has begun.  There are only ten days left in the year, and you know what that means; it’s time to start thinking about the annual ritual of making resolutions that you know you won’t keep but make anyhow in a burst of eternal optimism.

And I have an urge to get rid of things that are cluttering up my life and organize the rest.

As part of that I am in search of the perfect planner.  (Who knew there were so many out there?  I’m telling you, there is a whole world of day planners that I never knew existed.  But don’t go there.  That way lies madness.  Madness, I tell you!  Madness!)

Ahem.  What was I saying?  Oh, yes, right…

Anyhow, the main thing is that I want to get organized. (You can all stop laughing now.)

So, of course, I’m making my lists (and checking them twice). (Yule/Christmas will not sneak up on me and catch me unprepared next year!)

And, of course, writing goals are a large part of that organizing and I think I may have found a way to tame the wild plot bunnies.

I pretty much always have pen and paper at hand. (What writer doesn’t?) So, as plot bunnies hop into my head I will write them down and later transfer them onto index cards. I’ll be doing this with stuff that I already have Word docs for, too.

Now, I know that adding more pieces of paper to my life seems counter intuitive for someone who is trying to organize and cut down on clutter, but I like having things where I can look at them and touch them. I need to see my stuff.

Now if I can just find a way to organize my time…

Which leads me back to the planner search.

Someone save me before it’s too late!

Or at least help a writer out by sharing your own tips and tricks for juggling writing, other hobbies, and life in general.


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