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A Writer…

… is always thinking about writing.

It’s been… a week.

I’m relatively certain that my gallbladder is dying and is going to take me with it.  It started last Thursday; I had an ultrasound this morning and should know the results sometime Monday.  Meanwhile, my list of foods that don’t hurt is small and dull.

And, of course, being a nurse I’m taking note of the symptoms and being a writer I’m taking note of the sensations, like the fact that my stomach is always on the verge of rejecting food.  (It’s true that writers never seem to not be writing or thinking about writing.)

Last night we went to see the new Star Wars movie (which is why this post is late – I had to get up for the ultrasound this morning and am running on three and a half to four hours of sleep as it is).  I loved it.  I’m not giving any spoilers but if you are subject to motion sickness, take something for it before you go.  The special effects and camera work are… dizzying.

I really want to say more about the movie, but I don’t want to give even a hint of a spoiler.  There was something I noticed, though – maybe because I’m so attuned to looking for logic flaws in my own writing.  It was a minor glitch, and the explanation became apparent later, and I may have missed something earlier that would have explained it, but it jumped out at me.  I’m curious to know if anyone else catches/caught it.


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