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Sunday Snippet December 13, 2015


Continuing with Onyx Sun.   Taliya has used her inheritance from her grandmother as collateral for a loan for the ship she wanted to buy, and has gone to tell her mother where she can shove her co-signing.


“No need to announce me, Regino,” she said, “and I won’t be staying long.  Is she in her office?”

“Yes, Miss Taliya, and she asked not to be disturbed.”

“Too bad, she needs to be disturbed.”

Maureena looked up in irritation as Taliya entered her office without an invitation.  “I said I didn’t want to be… oh, it’s you.”  If anything her displeasure heightened.  “Here to thank me for cosigning for you?”

In answer Taliya dropped a file onto her desk. 

Maureena opened it.  “Where did you get the money?” She dropped the copy of the bill of sale back onto her desk.

“I got a loan in my own name,” Taliya replied. “Without a cosigner.” She stared into her mother’s eyes for a long moment, seeing only a stranger.  “I don’t need you.”

“You’ll never get a cargo load from here.  I’ll see to it.”

“Believe it or not, Mother, not everyone on this planet is under your thumb.  Some people still have enough guts to stand up to you.”  She smiled coldly.  “And this is not the only planet in the sector.”

“You’ll come crawling back. You have no head for business.”

“And you have no heart for people.”


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