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A Light in the Dark

It’s been a rough few days.

Friday night I came home from work and found one of my rats had crossed the bridge.  Pistol wasn’t big on snuggling – he was far too busy to do that – but he was the personification of mischief and the cage is much quieter without him constantly instigating something.   For now, his body is on the back porch in a hanging basket that I had bought for in the cage (he loved hanging baskets) covered in potting soil.  In the spring I’ll plant petunias in it; petunias, to me, are such happy, riotous flowers – they completely match his personality.

Then, an hour and a half or less into my shift on Saturday, while helping reposition a patient in bed, I lost strength in my left arm and gained pain.  Ibuprofen didn’t help, so about two hours later I filled out an employee injury report and turned it in.

It kept getting worse so after my shift I picked up a form and went to the ER.

Actually, it was cold and foggy and I was going to wait to see if it would miraculously feel better in the morning, but I reached my fingers out to turn on my turn signal and almost put a moon roof in my car, so I stopped at home long enough to drop off my stuff and make sure the boys (my rats) had food and water, then I braved visibility that wasn’t much beyond the hood of my car and drove to the hospital.  Drove home in more fog and collapsed into bed around four o’clock in the morning and slept until noon.

(I called work from the hospital about two o’clock to let them know I wouldn’t be in the next day… later that day… whatever.)

So, like I said, it’s been a rough few days.

Then, yesterday, there was a burst of sunshine.

A friend of mine – we’ll call her Caroline because… well, because that’s her name – has been wanting to read this year’s NaNoWriMo novel since I first bounced the idea off of her. (The main character is a hedge witch and she has a group dedicated to it on FB so I asked there if I could call on them for feedback and help to keep it authentic.)

Anyhow, Caroline was bored, so I was teasing her about reading one of my books (just to keep her out of trouble, you understand) and she said, “Send me Hedge House.”

Now, it’s nowhere near ready to be seen by anyone, but she talked me into it so I made a version without all my notes to myself and warned her about it containing grammatical errors, inconsistencies, etc.  You know, the usual first draft stuff.

She thought it would be fun to see the rough stages of a novel, so I welcomed her to my nightmare and sent the file.

I have now been ordered to drop everything else and finish it.

Now, those are words that every author loves to hear and I was bouncing and happy for hours.  (Still am, just not quite as giddy.)

But now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to drop everything and finish and polish Hedge House, finish the revisions on Onyx Sun, and finish Book Six of The Academy of the Accord and Book Two of The Other Mages trilogy – all by the end of the month.

Not to mention other things, like Pocket Letters, crochet, counted cross stitch, eating an occasional meal…

Oh, and work.

Short of winning the lottery so I don’t have to work, I just don’t think it’s going to be possible.

And while I’m quite skilled at believing impossible things (before, during, and after breakfast) I’m not quite as skilled at doing them.

Eyes the list.

Or am I?


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