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Sunday Snippet November 29, 2015


Ah, so much for the brief idyllic break from her mother’s machinations…



When Taliya returned to her room after a shower the next morning her comm unit was blinking.  “Miss Swann,” the message said, “it’s Raub from Vastyne’s.  Your ship will be ready for you to pick up as soon as you come in to sign the paperwork.”

She frowned as she called him back.

“I thought you couldn’t get financing?”

“Yes, well, your cosigner came through, you’re good to go.”

Cosigner? “Who?” she asked tersely.

“Your mother.”

“Thank you.”  Her tone was more clipped than she had intended.  “I will be there shortly.”

“I’d say good morning but I think I’d be wrong,” her father said as she descended the stairs.

“That interfering bitch,” she snarled.

“Well, now I know who, but not what.   What did she do to ruffle your feathers already this morning?”

Taliya took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  “She cosigned my loan.”







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