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A Quick Update


No, I’m not caught up (not by a long shot) but this is just as exciting.

Well, almost as exciting.

At least, it’s exciting to me.

I had a bathtub breakthrough yesterday morning that solved a whole lot of problems with the back story, which in turn is going to solve a whole lot of logic flaws going forward.  (Although there is still going to be trouble with one logic flaw – maybe. This may also have solved that.  We’ll see.)

I’m so glad that I just kept writing and letting the characters do things, even though I’m going to have to cut a whole lot of stuff.  Like Cara packing for her move.  No one wants to read through a blow by blow of that, but it served its purpose – it kept me writing and gave me time to think – and spawned the ideas that led to the eureka moment.

And now Cara is finally starting to get some answers, the action is going to be picking up soon, and I’m really excited to be writing.

Sadly, there’s a day job that is getting in my way…


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