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Words to Write

So I’ve been steadily losing ground and as of this writing I am now just a hair under 13k below par.

According to the stats page, at this rate I will finish on December 16, 2015 (hey! at least it’s this year!) and need to write 2677 words per day to finish on time.

I was hoping for at least a 10k day today, but that’s not likely to happen, so the new goal is to get the words per day thing down to under 2k.  If I need to write less than 2k a day I can stay at that level – or at least close – for the next four days of work, then I’m off for two days (my last days off before the end of the month) and I can push ahead (with a looming deadline) to get ahead and maybe even validate.

On a brighter note, the story is picking up now, and I have a pretty clear grasp of the next part – maybe the next two.

On a not so bright note, I have written a logic flaw into the story so I’m going to have to figure a way around it.  But that can happen in revisions.  (And revising this is going to suck almost as much as revising and editing The Academy of the Accord books.)

But I can’t focus on that right now. I have to focus on getting words written so that I can revise them. I already know that a lot of what I’ve written so far is going to get cut in revision.  It’s not word padding so much as unnecessary details of daily life.  (Seriously, every time Jacob enters the house Cara is at the kitchen table and feeds him.)  Meanwhile, descriptions of important things (like the house and the things in it) are sorely lacking.

The worst part about this novel is that I’m still (at 20,000 words in) having trouble finding my characters’ voices.   I’m getting a better handle on Cara, my main character, but still struggling with Jacob, and with Tamira.  (Actually, I’m starting to get a better grip on her, too, but right now it seems like she’s two different characters from when we first meet her to where I am now.  But those are revision things; plus, she’s likely to change again before I’m done.)  For someone whose writing tends to be very character-based and character-driven, this is a major problem.

But it’ll sort itself out – eventually.


I have goals to keep,
And words to write before I sleep.



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