Sunday Snippet November 15, 2015


More from Onyx Sun.  Taliya has been learning a lot she never knew about her parents, but she is still a little confused.


“But why all the secrecy?  Why let me think that Ardelia was Maureena’s mother, not yours?”

“If you had known she was my mother, what would have happened?”

“I would have hated her,” she said slowly.  “I would have hated her for letting you be driven away.  And I would have constantly wanted to come see you, be with you.”

“And Maureena?” he prompted.

“She would have hated me even more that she already did.  She… If I had known… If I had known that I was the one who would inherit the estate she would have found a way to keep me from it, had me declared incompetent, locked away somewhere.”

He nodded.  “As it was, she took precautions;  Aelind Osbert does her bidding.  But there is another lawyer…”

“Ivo Cheyne.  Grandmother left me a message about him.”

“Yes. Ivo Cheyne.  When you are ready to take over the house, go to him.  He’ll get it back for you.”

“When I’m ready?”  She tilted her head at him and smiled slowly. “You know me too well.”







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9 responses to “Sunday Snippet November 15, 2015

  1. siobhanmuir

    Thank goodness for crafty grandmothers. Good snippet, P.T. :)

  2. I hate she had to be without, but I’m glad she is getting closure on her childhood. Great snippet. :)

  3. Very emotional and tightly written. Looking forward to getting to know your story better through more snippets!

  4. I do love the twist this has taken! Another excellent excerpt…

  5. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Closure is a must. Now she can only look toward the future. :)

  6. another revealing snippet. I’m with Veronica … I like the twist as well!

  7. I hope she doesn’t wait too long. I just wonder why they didn’t just kicked Maureena out when she wanted a divorce or something.

  8. Big doings in this scene. I like the way the information drips out bit by bit. It’s a great way to get important back story to the reader. Nice work!

  9. Ahhh, gotta love the way her father and grandmother plotted, knowing so well what to do and how. Maureena is so predictable sometimes, so self-centered. So many twists.

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