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Sunday Snippet November 8, 2015



More from Onyx Sun.  Taliya is learning more about her mother, and her parents’ marriage (and divorce).


“The only reason I stayed,” he continued, “was because of you.  I loved you more than life itself and I could not bear the thought of being away from you, of leaving you alone with them.  And gradually your grandmother began to see what Maureena was truly like.  She saw how cold and unfeeling she was, and she joined forces with me to shield you from her, to protect you from her venom, because it would kill your spirit as surely as the venom of the ischkarae killed your other grandparents.”

“Why… why did you leave?”

“Your mother divorced me.  She thought I was a bad influence on you.”

“But you are of the Swann bloodline, not Maureena.”

“I know.  But with Pendelia Four being matrilineal, I had no place in the House once a daughter was born.  Only if Ardelia had passed before you were of age would I have been able to act as Regent.  So your grandmother and I worked it out.  The three of you would stay in the house and I would leave, but would remain a part of your life, and for a while that worked.  For a while she was able to bring you to see me but eventually your mother grew suspicious…”  He shook his head.  “But between the two of us we made sure that your mother could not keep you from your rightful place as the daughter of Swann. With my mother’s passing, it all goes to you.”








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