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NaNoWriMo Has Begun

I’ll admit that I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to yesterday; I let myself get bogged down by research instead of A) having finished it before November or B) just leaving myself a note to look it up later.  (And I’ve been procrastinating this morning by Googling trees. And family burial plots/private cemeteries.)

In my own defense, yesterday’s research into whether or not lawyers had to take the bar exam again if they moved to a different state was sort of last minute.  I’m writing something set in modern times and that actually seems to take more research and planning than the standard fantasy that I normally write.  (I’m not even sure I’m going to maintain my FMC being a lawyer, but if I do, I now know that Pennsylvania has a reciprocity agreement with Oklahoma.  You know, in case anyone ever asks me.)

And today’s tree research grew (pun not intended) out of a conversation about last names yesterday.  The burial plots things grew out of the tree thing. Sort of.  Don’t ask – my mind wanders in strange ways – but it is kind of important to the plot – one of those brilliant ideas that crop up in the course of writing.

My outline is helping, although I’m not really sticking to it very well, at least, not when it comes to the order of events.  I’ve pulled a few things from later points into the current one, which is totally okay – it’s flowing as naturally as a first draft can.

Anyhow, I wrote 3541 words yesterday (I wanted to hit 5k). I’m hoping to make it to 8k total today, which means I’d better get busy.



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