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Ready and Not

It’s almost NaNoWriMo.

Am I ready? Not really.

I mean, I have a fairly detailed outline, but…  I’m not ready!

For one thing, I’d like to have the outline in a little better shape and with more details worked into each plot point.

And there are a few silly last minute things I’d like to research – nothing of earth-shattering importance, mind you, but not knowing is going to bug me.

And I really need to sort out and clarify some back story that is kind of essential to the plot – it explains the antagonist and why he does the things he does.  I kind of have a handle on it, but I’d like it sorted out better so that it’s right there in black and white instead of the hazy shade of grey that it is now.  (It would probably be a lot less hazy if I hadn’t changed it half a dozen times in the course of an hour yesterday.)

But other than the antagonist and a few minor details, it’s pretty much ready to go, except…

Except I’m not sure how it starts.

Do I start with the phone call from Jacob, telling Cara about her grandmother’s death?

Do I start with her driving into the town of Crossroads?

Do I start with the funeral?

I know I’m starting at midnight, but other than that…

Yeah, I know.  Just start. Start with the phone call and write through the other two possible starts and sort it out in the revisions.  That’s probably good advice, but it just feels weird.  See, I love beginnings (that’s probably why I have so much stuff started) and I don’t think I’ve ever not known how my stories start.  I have always had the first scene completely worked out in my mind.  This… indecision… just doesn’t feel right and it’s making me a little nervous about the rest of the story.

Oddly, though, I do have an ending scene.  Usually I have no idea how or when the story is supposed to end, so having the ending worked out instead of the beginning is completely backwards for me.

And I also have a title.  And a really bad blurb.

The genre is still a little foggy, which isn’t really a whole lot of consolation.  I’m not sure whether to classify it as urban fantasy or paranormal. I’m pretty sure it’s probably not horror.

And the worst thing facing me?  One of the other nurses where I work quit, so I’m looking at extra shifts at work.  I’m currently part time, and have been working three days one week and four the next, but I just saw the new schedule and I’m working five days during the second week of November.  The money will be nice, but did it have to happen during NaNoWriMo?

All I can say is I’d better get my outline nailed down because ready or not, here it comes!


(And somehow I managed to screw up the scheduling of this post, so pretend that it posted on Friday instead of Saturday, okay?)

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