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Sunday Snippet October 25, 2015

More from Onyx Sun.   Taliya’s father is giving her some background information about her mother, explaining things she never knew – and leading up to why Taliya is the heiress to the House.


“When I was about your age, my parents and I were on this little backwater planet called Benize Ten.  That’s where I met your mother.”  He shook his head.  “If we’d met anywhere else we probably would never have even given each other a second glance, but on Benize… There wasn’t much of a settlement there, and our fathers and her mother were working together doing an environmental survey of the planet – flora, fauna, looking for any signs that it had ever held any sort of sentient species.  They were exploring a coastal region when they were attacked by an ischkarae – it’s a creature that dwells along the edge of the water on Benize.  They are huge, and poisonous.  Maureena’s mother and my father were killed instantly and dragged under the water to be eaten.  Her father was stung, but he lingered for days before the venom finally killed him.”

Taliya shuddered; it did not sound like a pleasant death.  “But if she was raised by environmentalists why is she so…?”

He shook his head sadly.  “Death affects people in strange ways, Taliya. Some want to honor the dead by carrying on their work and some turn against everything that they stood for.”  He sighed. “Maureena… her family never had a lot of money.  Her parents were happy and were doing what they loved, but for Maureena it… She just wasn’t cut out for their kind of life.  The things that mattered to them didn’t matter to her, and when they died she really began to hate anything that had to do with their lives.” 











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