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It’s About Time

Time for another blog post already?  Time flies when you’re not at work.

Ah, yes.  Time.  I’m beginning to think that Douglas Adams was right when he wrote that “Time is an illusion.”  How else do you explain that three days off zip past in the blink of an eye but three days at work drag on forever?

And have you ever noticed that tasks always seem to take longer than the time allotted for them?

And that different people have different ideas of what “in a minute” means?

Time, it seems, is not nearly as objective as some would have you believe.

I’ve been experiencing my own sort of time paradox lately.  Not just the with the “blink and they’re gone” days off, but with individual days.  I’ll look at the clock and ask myself how it got to be 1:30 in the afternoon, and then I’ll look again and it’s suddenly six o’clock in the evening.  Four and a half hours just… disappeared.

And yet, at work, I’ll look at the clock and see that I’m not even halfway through my eight hour shift, but I know I’ve been there for at least six hours.  And that last fifteen minutes waiting for the next shift to arrive?  It lasts an hour at least.

But it’s not just work vs. non work hours that are of inconsistent length.  Projects and errands always seem to overflow the time allotted to them.

And deadlines. No matter how aware I am of their impending arrival, they always manage to sneak up on me.

Like Christmas.  It’s at the same time every year and yet I’m never ready for it.

The same with NaNoWriMo. It starts on November 1st every year and I’m never quite ready.

And this year is especially bad.

I have far too much to do before the end of this month, and all of the things that I need to do are taking far longer than the amount of time I had planned out for them.

I either need to stock up on 5 Hour Energy Drinks (that wear off after three hours – there’s that time thing again) or learn how to live without sleep.

Oh, wait.  Living without sleep comes next month.




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