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Sunday Snippet October 11, 2015

Picking up from last week with more from Onyx Sun.   Taliya has just been given the news that her mother, Maureena, is not the heiress to Swann House – she is.

Taliya speaks first.

(Aelind Osbert is the attorney for Swann House.)


“What?  But I was at Aelind’s–”

“I don’t care what Aelind Osbert may have told you, Taliya.  He’s so deep in Maureena’s pockets that he flosses with the lint.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but closed it again.  She couldn’t argue with his assessment of the family attorney, especially not as she shared it.   Still, she shook her head in denial; there was no way that she was the heiress, not as long as Maureena was alive.

“Taliya, listen to me.  Maureena was my wife.  But Ardelia, your grandmother, was my mother, not hers.”


“Eat your stew and I’ll tell you about it.”











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