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October Rush

Wow! This weekend has flown by!

Time is truly weird, isn’t it?  When I have to work four days in a row, they drag and it seems like forever until my days off, but if it’s only three days to work they zip by in a blink.  (Days off always zip by in a blink, leaving me wondering where they’ve gone.)

It’s truly October now.  I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I could take on the world, (and even conquer my to do list, which is a lot scarier than the rest of the world).  It would be really nice if it also brought on the ability to not need to sleep.  (I think I would like to have that for my superpower, please, thank you.)

I always get this energy rush in October.  It’s an almost manic burst of energy that makes me commit to things that make me hate myself in January.

So, anyhow, I’m poking away at writing.  Not making too much progress on Book 6 of The Academy of the Accord at the moment because I’m still in the “cut and paste from Book 5 and change point of view” phase, but I’m getting there, slowly.  I got some stuff written for it that’s not exactly in narrative form but which will work its way into that in the future — either first draft or edit — so it counts.  I need to do another session of that for the other main character of this book and then I’ll probably skip ahead from the problem area and leave it until edits.  It needs to synchronize with both the end of Book 5 and the start of Book 7, so there’s really no sense spending much time on it until I sit down and hash out all three.

(I’m pretty sure that when I get to the point of editing those three I’ll be taking the binders to the library and spreading all three out on a long table so I can flit back and forth between them to compare the events and the dialogue.  Yep, I know where some of my days off are going to be spent next year. LOL)

And right now, thanks to the October Rush, it seems doable, as does getting this book finished by the end of the year.  And Book 2 of The Other Mages trilogy, too. And maybe even finishing my NaNoWriMo novel.

Yeah.  I can take on the world today.

And even my to do list.

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