Sunday Snippet September 27, 2015


More from Onyx Sun, a science fiction novel about a girl, a spaceship, and an alien or two. But first, more of her conversation with her father.


“Why?” she burst out suddenly.  “Why couldn’t I have stayed with you instead of her?” 

“You know why,” he said softly.  “The estate–”

“I would rather have been with you.”

“I know that, and so did your mother.  That’s why she…”

“Why she what?”  She stared at him, half-remembered overheard conversations flitting through her mind.  “She refused to let you see me.”

He nodded.

“That… I called her a bitch yesterday; I need something stronger.”

“She did it for your own good.”

“Maureena does nothing for anyone’s good but her own.”







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9 responses to “Sunday Snippet September 27, 2015

  1. siobhanmuir

    I agree. Maureena is all about her. Great snippet, P.T. :)

  2. Yes, I’m having a hard time believing her mother did anything for anyone’s good (except her own). But it’s an interesting conversation! Great snippet…

  3. I think her mother is all out for herself. Great conversation and snippet!

  4. Poor baby. :-( But why didn’t he insist?

  5. Bahahha she called her a bitch, I dont think it begins to explain her. Great snippet.

  6. chellecordero

    Obviously we know Maureena was (is) a total bitch – but what did the father mean “She did it for your own good.” ?

  7. I agree… she needs a stronger word to describe her mother. And I’m kind of liking the father less this week than I did last.

  8. He could have fought a bit more. What the hell did he do with Maureena in the first place?

  9. “That… I called her a bitch yesterday; I need something stronger.” I love this line.

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