Sunday Snippet September 20, 2015


More from Onyx Sun as Taliya gets reacquainted with her father.


Her father’s house was a complete contrast to the sterility of her mother’s.  Far more modest, it was obvious that he had no staff of servants:  in addition to the unkempt lawn and gardens outside, inside a pile of clean laundry waited to be taken upstairs, a well-used coat was hung haphazardly on the newel post, and a pair of muddy boots posed a tripping hazard.

But none of that mattered; there was a sense of warmth and life here, and the scent of food cooking made her mouth water as she followed him into the kitchen.

“Have a seat,” he said, nodding toward the kitchen table. 

The table held two place settings, salt, pepper, and a butter dish, along with odds and ends of life that had been pushed haphazardly and unapologetically out of the way to make room:  books, a half-dead plant, a deck of cards, and a small yellow bowl made of awkwardly wound coils of clay.  She smiled as she recognized it.

“I can’t believe you still have that,” she said as he brought over two bowls of stew.

He followed her gaze and smiled.  “A very special person gave that to me,” he said softly as he sat down.  “Of course I still have it.”

She shook her head, remembering the day she had brought it home from kindergarten.  She had been so proud of it but Maureena had been utterly disdainful.  She had taken it from Taulyn and dropped it into her waste basket, but not before pointing out its flaws.

“Mother threw it away.  She said…”

“I know,” he replied, reaching over and giving her hand a squeeze as her voice choked off.  “I rescued it.”










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10 responses to “Sunday Snippet September 20, 2015

  1. Karen Michelle Nutt

    That was so sweet of him to rescue her bowl. Enjoyed the snippet.

  2. elainecsc2013

    I swear her mother is such a terrible person. So far I love her father.

  3. That last line is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Well done!

  4. Man her mom is no peach. She makes me so mad.

  5. Great description of her dad’s house–love that he saved the bowl!

  6. I loved all the details (especially the bowl), really made me feel as if I was there in the house. Great snippet!

  7. “Warmth and life” are great words to describe this scene… they’re exactly what your prose evokes. Very nicely done.

  8. I’m still wondering what got her parents together in the first place and also why it seems that she has no idea what her father personality is like.

  9. I love her father, and the bowl memory is such a nice touch of character. I love his said he “rescued it”. Not retrieved or took it back, but rescued, like the bowl is just as precious as the daughter that made it.

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