“But First…”

Yes, this post is late today.

Part of the reason is that I totally flaked yesterday and forgot to do it, even though it was on my list of things to do.  (I didn’t look at my list of things to do much yesterday, though — I was kind of busy trying to keep food in my stomach.  Stupid virus.)


I really need to get some writing done today, but first…

First I had to go meet someone I was selling my extra rat cages to, but first I threw a load of laundry in the washer.

Then I needed to go to Sam’s Club but first we had to get some lunch.

Then it was head for home, but first I had to stop at Michael’s.

We got home and unloaded the car and I was ready to write but first I had to get the laundry out of the washer.

But first…

But first is the reason nothing ever seems to get done, even though (sometimes) a lot gets accomplished that way.

Like tomorrow…

Tomorrow I want to rearrange three pieces of furniture in my room, but first I have to move stuff off of and out of said furniture.

And run the vacuum.

And two pieces have to be moved before the other one can.

It’s kind of like editing.

I’m doing first round edits on Book One of the Academy of the Accord series and there’s a house that needs to be moved to later in the book.  (The characters need it for a retreat.)

But first I have to do something with the fact that there are people living there, and I can’t just write them out because they provide information that the main characters need.

And there’s a character that they meet that they’re going to need again in a later book but first I have to figure out what happens to him in between.

Actually, there are two characters like that.

And since in later books I completely changed some of the things that happened in Book One (to solve some logic flaws) I also need to completely redo Vinadi going home to check to see if his family is all right.

As in, change the cast of characters that are there when they arrive.



I can maybe keep them… just make a couple changes…

But first I should probably do something with the changes I’ve already made and get it printed again and start over because my notes are getting far too confusing.

But first I need to get my word count built up and work on finishing Book Seven and outlining my NaNoWriMo novel and…

But first…

First I think I need more caffeine.

And maybe some chocolate.

Definitely some chocolate.


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5 responses to ““But First…”

  1. You sound like me at work the past few days…

    • I have nights like that at work, too. But for me it’s getting interrupted by three other things while trying to do whatever it is I set out to do.

      • That sounds familiar, too! Today: Oh, the interview is here. Oh, also, truck is here at the same time. I need to let him in. Oh, and the phone keeps ringing, and my cashier needs me. Oh, and I’m the only manager here!

  2. Skye Hegyes

    The madness! It ensues!!!

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