Four Days Off

Why is it that if I have all day to write I get so little writing done?   I just finished four days off (I go back to work today) and I got next to nothing done.  I keep saying that I need to win the lottery so I can just stay home and write, but if I did that nothing would ever get written.  Apparently I need the pressures of deadlines and time constraints in order to be productive.

Well, I am a bit ahead on the month’s 1K-a-Day Challenge, but I didn’t finish Book 7.  I barely touched it, in fact, because a friend gave me a writing prompt that turned into a plot bunny and I ran with it, needing something fun and lighthearted as a break from what I was working on.

Unfortunately, that story is turning much more somber than I wanted but I decided to just go with it for now and fix it in the edits.   There’s no rush on it and I’ve started Chapter Three twice now, and there’s a third version coming. (I’m pantsing this and have no clear idea where it’s going.  But I don’t want to get tangled up with another outline, either, so…)

I think that since I’m a bit ahead on word count now I’m going to go back to work on Book 7 of The Academy of the Accord. It was getting to the part where I’d be patching stuff into it again and it’s hard to make headway on word count while doing that, but having a cushion gives me the luxury to sort through bunches of other files to find what I need, and write short connecting paragraphs to tie it in. (When the cushion runs out I’ll build it back up again with the new project.)

(See?  There are advantages to multi-tasking.) (Although the thirteen or so Word docs currently open on my computer might be stretching the multi-tasking thing just a bit…)

So anyhow…

I’ve had four days off and now I’ll be working for three. I wonder how much I’ll get done before Monday?






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2 responses to “Four Days Off

  1. I totally understand and can relate to this! I end up having to leave the house and going somewhere else to get work done. Oddly enough, it’ can’t be the library – it’s too quiet there! I have a favorite little coffee shop I go to that is the perfect creative space. I find I need the background noise to write properly. And the endless supply of coffee and tea. 🙂

  2. I totally understand and can relate to this! In order for me to get any writing done, I need to actually leave the house and go to one of my “designated writing zones”. Oddly enough, the library is not one of them – it’s too quiet!

    My new favorite spot is this indie coffee shop a few towns over. I find I need the background noise there in order to really be productive. Of course, the endless amounts of coffee and tea help, too! 🙂

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