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Sunday Snippet August 30, 2015

More from Onyx Sun, a science fiction novel currently in third round edits/revisions.

Picking up from last week, in which Belyn mentioned rumors that Swann House was tied to a crime syndicate.


“I’ve heard the rumors,” she replied, her dark eyes troubled. “But Maureena kept all the books and was quite… closed-mouthed… about her dealings.  I do know that if Swann is involved it is all her doing – Grandmother fretted about it as well.”

Belyn nodded.  “I know you wouldn’t be involved in something like that, but I do worry that you might get caught up in it just because you’re Maureena’s daughter.”

“I’m not quite sure if I can claim that title anymore or not.”

“She can’t disown you.   The House has to pass to you – there isn’t anyone else of your bloodline.”

“She can always have another.”

Belyn snorted. “I can’t imagine her having given birth the first time, let alone going through it again.  The expense, the pain, the messiness of the whole thing… She probably had hair stylists and cosmeticians there during the process keeping her looking like she just came from a salon.”


Next week we get to meet Taliya’s father.












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