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Sunday Snippet August 16, 2015

More from Onyx Sun, a science fiction novel currently in the hands of the ever awesome Sarah Wesson, the brave soul who volunteered to beta read everything I ever write.  (Um, you do remember saying that, don’t you, Sarah?)

Anyhow, on with the excerpt.

Taliya has had lunch with her friend, Belyn, and is in better spirits and feeling much more herself as Belyn escorts her to her HoverWing, when she suddenly stops and stars.


“Tal?” he asked gently, puzzled: there was no one around and she seemed to be looking up into the air.

“That’s it!” She turned to him, her eyes shining with excitement.

“It is good to see life back in your eyes, but would you mind telling me what’s it?”

She flushed and pointed to a billboard that flashed its advertisement in bold letters that switched from red to yellow to bright blue.

Vastyne Byrd’s Ships
Best Prices
on New
and Previously Owned
Cruisers of All Types!
New Lot from Auction Just In!

Belyn studied the sign for a moment. “Just what are you planning, Tal?”

“A ship.  I’m a licensed pilot;  I can either do charter trips or become an independent trader.”

He frowned. “Either one is going to take a fair amount of capital and I’d hate to see you risk your un-trust fund on it.”


(The beta version is also in the hands of D. Morgana and another friend of mine who you all don’t know so can’t bribe for spoilers.)




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