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One Thing At A Time

Normally I am the queen of multi-tasking.  I always have been.  As a teenager it wasn’t uncommon to find me curled up in a chair with a book, a bowl of soup, and the television on — and knowing what was happening with all three.

And now I normally have two browsers open with multiple tabs in each, as well as multiple Word docs. (Current count is six.)

And I am frequently working out scenes for novels while doing other things.

At one point I was even editing one novel, writing another, and outlining a third.

Right now, however, I’m finding it really hard to write and edit at the same time, which means that I am 10,000 words behind in my 1K-a-Dday challenge.


Not really.  I should have Onyx Sun to a beta reader by the end of the day, which will free up my writing time.  And I have four days off in a row next week, which is going to suck on payday but which will give me time to get caught up — and maybe even ahead.

Of course, I still have to find a cover artist, and write a blurb, and do the “front matter” and all that other stuff that goes with getting ready to publish.

And then there’s the fact that I want to start editing Book One of The Academy of the Accord.


Deep breath.

One thing at a time.

But at least that editing project will be in the same world that I’m writing in.  And since it’s just the first round edit of the first book, there won’t be any sense of urgency for it, no looming deadline.

And that’s the thing.

Right now I am so close to having Onyx Sun ready for a beta reader that I’m pushing to get it finished because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  (I can also see the next tunnel.)

For The Academy of the Accord all I’m seeing is tunnel.

Lots of tunnels.

One thing at a time…


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