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Patchwork Writing

So, I’m finally working on Book 7 of the Academy of the Accord series, and it’s rather slow going at the moment as I try to rework some scenes from Book 5 and tie them to some other scenes that I’ve written.

I’m hoping that once I get past the merging part things will get better, but it will be awhile before that happens.

And then I still have scenes (cut from Book 12 last month) that will need patched in. I may also need to snag some scenes from Book 8. (*sigh* What ever made me think that books running along a concurrent timeline would be a good idea?)

Those scenes are all much further along in the book, though, and shouldn’t be quite as difficult, as they won’t impact the timeline of other books. At least, I don’t think they will.

Meanwhile, I feel like I have a bunch of oddly-shaped pieces of fabric that don’t quite match in size or color and I’m trying to turn them into a quilt.

And I don’t sew.

Adding to the frustration is the fact that I’m already 4500 words behind on the 1k-a-Day challenge this month, but considering that I didn’t even start writing until yesterday, that’s not too bad, and I’m pretty sure I can not only get caught up but actually finish Book 7 this month.

Courtesy of all those “scraps” of story, the word count for Book 7 is currently around 44k, although I’m pretty sure that some of that is going to be cut – I copied fairly large chunks of Book 5 without paying too much attention to trimming them.

I’m not sure I like this method of writing — patching scenes together.  In a way it’s far more time consuming (and mentally challenging) than just writing. (And it doesn’t help that I currently have six Word docs open that I’m working between.)

But on the other hand, that’s a lot of words that I don’t have to type.

And typing is going slowly.  I can’t seem to really get on a roll with it because another piece of the quilt is always just a scene or two away from needing to be patched in.

But they say that the best quilts tell stories.   Let’s hope that holds true for writing, too.

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