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Writing Goals

Does anyone else plan their writing goals?

Not just for things like NaNoWriMo events, but long range goals.

I actually have a Word doc called “Writing Goals” that not only lists the things I want (or need) to work on, but which also attempts to set up a time frame for them.

As usual with my lists of things to do, though, I tend to be overly optimistic in what can actually get done in the time allotted.

Still, it does help some with focusing on the projects at hand.

I recently pulled it up so I could cross off finishing Book 10 of The Academy of the Accord series.

A lot of the things that I had planned for this year aren’t going to happen, but at least I know what to start on for next year.

(Yes, I do realize that there are still a lot of days left in this year, but my current focus is on The Academy of the Accord.  I just finished Book 12 during Camp last month, and I want to get Books 6 and 7 finished by the end of the year.)

(And speaking of Books 6 and 7, I have finally figured out how to untangle their beginnings from the end of Book 5.  I think.   It makes sense in theory but we’ll have to see how it goes in actual practice.)

My goals for 2015 were to finish book one of the unnamed trilogy (done!) and write its alternate version (still not done, although the entire series is done except for that bit.)

I’m also supposed to be writing sequels for Sanguine and Song and Sword.  I also had planned to do an outline for The Other Mages Book 3, although I’m not sure why: other than rewriting the beginning I don’t think it’s going to change much.  (An outline for Book 2 was not on the list. Apparently I’ve given up trying to make it follow any sort of coherent order and am just going to let it wander at will until time to edit.)

Oh, and the person who pre-beta read Onyx Sun wants a sequel.  It’s not even published yet!  I still have a second round of edits to do on it before I send it off to a beta reader and then get it formatted and published… and already there needs be a sequel.  This is a happy thing, but, still…

I also rather optimistically decided I was going to outline the remaining four books of The Academy of the Accord. Ha!  What was I thinking?  I’m currently winging it like crazy in this series and having a lot of fun and finding some unexpected things.  (On the other hand, an outline would make it more coherent and less challenging in the rewrite.)

I plan to outline the remaining two books, though, or at least make a rough list of things that need to happen.  It will make writing them go a bit faster and easier, and I really want them done by the end of the year.   Plus, I have bits and pieces of them written so I need to have an outline of some sort so that I can aim the story line toward them.

I think that’s going to be my project for tomorrow.  I’m going to pack up the folder project and head for the library to finish moving notes for three of the finished (rough drafted) novels into their notebooks, and then attack books 6 and 7 to get them organized into some form of coherence.

With luck, I’ll have the energy afterwards to get their official documents set up (as opposed to files named “stuff for AotA7”) so I can get to work on them.

And I do need to get to work on them – I have done absolutely nothing toward the 1K a Day Challenge this month.



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