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Sunday Snippet August 2, 2015

More from Onyx Sun, a science fiction novel currently in second round edits, which are sort of on hold while I do Camp NaNoWriMo with a goal of 62,000 words this month.

Skipping ahead several paragraphs.   Taliya is at Starborne Fiduciary, the bank her grandmother’s message had told her to go to and has been seated in a private room and given an ornately carved wooden box.   The woman who gave it to her told her that the key that would unlock it was in the box she had gotten from Aelind Osbert earlier that morning.


Taliya waited until they had gone, then took the box from Aelind’s office out of her case and fingerprinted it open.

Inside was a single key, and a note.  Curious, she unfolded it and read a note written by her grandmother, not to her, but to Aelind.

“Aelind Osbert.  I am not the only one who knows I am leaving this with you.  If Taliya does not receive it, intact and in a timely fashion following my death, certain of your business dealings will be reported to the appropriate boards and authorities.”

Taliya smiled, suppressing a chuckle.  Her grandmother always had treated the lawyer as if he was an addle-pated schoolboy and she spent a moment imagining – and enjoying – the look on his face if he had managed to open the box and read the note.

He hadn’t, though: the box was intact – forcing it open would have broken the locking mechanism beyond repair.

She put the note down and picked up the key, her hands shaking as she inserted it into the wooden box that had been brought to her here.  She had not even known about this place and she wondered what other secrets her grandmother had hidden away for her.


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