July 2015 Camp Update #9



I can’t believe the month is over already and this is the last camp update for this year.  I’ve had an awesome time and great cabin mates and I hope we can all get together again in April.

I hit my 62k word count goal on Wednesday, the 29th, with two whole days to spare.  One of my cabin mates had already hit her 50k goal, and the other three are on track to win as well, although WP always validates on the last day – I think she enjoys giving me more grey hairs.

So, now that Camp is over… Now what?

Lots of things.

I still need to wrap up the story, which is going to take a few thousand more words.  It’s the end of the entire series as well, though, so I’m thinking I’ll mostly summarize events and sort them out when I get to it in first round edits – by then I’ll have been through all of the other books and will have a list of threads that need to be tied off.  And there’s a final encounter in this scene that I really can’t write until I book 6 is done as it involves a character being introduced there.

And then I need to move some of the stuff in it to other files because it doesn’t really belong here so I can get it printed and shove it into its three ring binder to settle for a while.

I need to finish my folder/notebook project for The Academy of the Accord, and especially sort out what I have for books 6 and 7 of the series so I can get them finished this year.

(I’ll be back to my 1k-a-Day challenge for the next three months and they will be the focus of it. I really want outlines, though, so that’s what I’ll be doing later today, I think, along with maybe getting book 12 ready to print.)

I need to get the second round of edits done for Onyx Sun so I can get it out to a beta reader or two.  I also need to fine tune its blurb and get to work on a cover for it.  I’m hoping to have it ready to release sometime in September, so that’s the main project for next month.   (I’m hoping to get the above organizational stuff done today.)

And once Onyx Sun is in the hands of beta readers I’ll start first round edits on The Academy of the Accord.  The original plan was to edit it next year, but I think it’s going to take a lot longer than that.  (Yes, I’ll be editing at the same time that I’m writing a thousand words a day on other books in the series.  Yes, I am insane, thank you for noticing.)

And my pre-beta reader wants a sequel to Onyx Sun, and there are sequels planned for Song and Sword and Sanguine, as well.

And I’m toying with the idea of a promotions blog – or FB page – for The Academy of the Accord.  Because, you know, I have all this spare time…

And, of course, there are a few thousand other (non-writing) projects that have been on hold for the month of July that I need to get back to.

So no need to worry about me – I definitely won’t be bored!



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  1. shegyes

    Woof! A twelve-book series on top of other stand-alones-became series. Yikes! I thought I was staying busy, but I think you win. *bows before you*

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