July 2015 Camp Update #7



This novel is a mess.

So far I’ve decided that the beginning that I have for it is going to have to be cut and turned back into the side story that it was originally supposed to be.  That’s fine, except now I don’t really have a starting point or an opening scene.

Then I decided that a whole bunch of stuff that I wrote really needs to be moved from Book 12 to Book 7.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – and it’s a very good thing for Book 7 – but it leaves me completely confused at the moment.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that there were a bunch of loose ends and lost threads that I was going to need to sort out.  Well, now there are more.  That section that I’m moving to Book 7 got me so sidetracked that I couldn’t even begin to find the thread I was following, so I did what any reasonable WriMo would do:

I said, “I’ll fix it later,” and skipped ahead to a place where maybe, just maybe, I can find my way forward.

And I’m reminded – again – of why I like outlines.  If I had an outline for this book I wouldn’t be floundering like I am and I’d have a narrative that made sense and isn’t going to need a month to wade through just the first edit.

On the other hand, I have some really great stuff for Book 7, and if I’d been following an outline I might never have made the discoveries that I did.

I think Book 7 is going to be my next project.  (It’s looking pretty good for finishing Book 12 this month.)  Book 7 also doesn’t have an outline.  Well, it has a partial one.  I’m going to try to finish it before I start writing, if I can get far enough ahead to afford the time to work on it.  If not, I’ll just go with what I have until August gets here.

One good thing about the 2k a day madness I’ve set myself for NaNo months — it’s going to make the 1k a day seem a lot easier.

Speaking of word count, I’ve been holding onto par, barely.  I had three days off but got absolutely no cushion built up.

Tuesday I woke up with my right eye glued shut, so I went to urgent care and am on antibiotic pills for bronchitis and antibiotic eye drops for conjunctivitis.  I’m horrible about anything coming near my eyes – including (especially) eye drops – and I have to put them in every four hours while awake.  Not my idea of a good time although I’m sure it’s entertaining for anyone watching me.

The good news is that my voice is working a little better and I no longer sound like a frog on helium.  At least, not most of the time.  Unfortunately the cough seems to be getting worse and I hack up a lung every time I talk so I think there’s going to be another doctor appointment in my future.

So, between the goopy eye and the coughing I’ve been feeling so miserable that I’ve barely gotten my 2000 words a day in to make par, and now it’s back to work for four days.

And the end of the month is only a week away.


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  1. You’ll make it, you always do. Besides, we’re cheering you on to get there. :)

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