July 2015 Camp Update #6



As of this writing I am slightly behind par – just under 500 words behind.  Considering that I had no cushion to fall back on, that’s not too bad.  I haven’t done today’s writing yet, so I’m not sure if I can get caught up to where I should be or not, but even if I’m 1000 or 1500 behind by tomorrow, that’s fixable.

But other than being a touch behind on word count, Book 12 of The Academy of the Accord is going well.

I realized that I had dropped a thread so I went back and picked it up and wrote the scene (to insert into the proper place later) and it clarified a lot of stuff in my head.  It’s going to add to the editing nightmare that awaits me, but that’s okay – it would be a bigger nightmare without it.

(I love it when conversations between characters lead to plots – and insights.)

Meanwhile, this virus is still kicking my tail.  It’s descending into my chest so I’m coughing a lot, and my voice is rapidly starting to sound like a frog on helium.

But I only have one more shift and then I’m off for three days, so I should get a good cushion built up.

Tuesday will be my Catch-Up Day.  It’s also my “Clean The Rat Cage” Day and my “Take The Folder-To-Notebook Project To The Library And Finish It” Day.

And there will probably be a load of laundry involved as well.

Wednesday and Thursday will be my “Build A Cushion” Days.

(I’m trying really hard not to have a “Waste A Bunch Of Time In A Doctor’s Waiting Room” day, but that might happen as well.)






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