Sunday Snippet July 19, 2015

More from Onyx Sun, a science fiction novel currently in second round edits, which are sort of on hold while I do Camp NaNoWriMo with a goal of 62,000 words this month.

Skipping ahead a few lines from last week, Taliya has handed Aelind Osbert a file she was carrying.


“Please see that Maureena gets this.  It’s the report from my trip to Roseeba Seven and the contract with the Miners’ Consortium there.”

He frowned as he took it from her.  “Why do you not give it to her yourself?”

“As you are no doubt already aware I will not be returning to her home. She knows that I am leaving it with you.” 

He looked flustered as he took it from her, her words having thrown him off center again. 

“Is there anything else?” she asked, keeping her tone cool.

“No.  That was all I had for you, Miss Swann.” 

She rose and so did he, and she allowed him to escort her to the door of his office.

“Good day, Miss Swann.”

“Good bye, Mr. Osbert. I doubt you’ll be hearing from me again.”

He nodded and opened the door for her.

As the elevator doors closed Taliya knew that he was already calling her mother to report on her visit.


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15 responses to “Sunday Snippet July 19, 2015

  1. I like her. She’s sassy and clever!

  2. It’s good that she can finally escape. He really sucks as a spy, so funny.

  3. Gem

    This is my first sample of Onyx Sun and I’m hooked. Have to go back and read any/all snippets.

  4. She managed to knock a lawyer off kilter twice! Go, Taliya!

    (Did I dibs on beta, yet? 🙂 )

  5. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Oh she’s good. I bet her mother won’t like it though. 🙂

  6. I could feel the tension. Great snippet. 🙂

  7. Enjoying the story and I’m so glad your heroine is so smart and self reliant! Great snippet.

  8. Bwahaha! Omg, I love Taliya more and more with each snippet. She’s got a great attitude and sassiness to throw her over controlling and near black hearted mother AND a lawyer off more than once that I can’t help but keep rooting for her.

    I love how she can predict how they’ll react to her and what they’ll do next. She’s smart and clever, leaving them gaping like a fish and scrambling for a handhold to gain an advantage. I love it.

  9. chellecordero

    Taliya is delightfully cool which keeps the opposition on their toes, very good. Of course i am curious as h*ll what exactly is on the disc that the lawyer handed her. And Osbert certainly epitomizes all of those corrupt lawyer metaphors (apologies to any real lawyers out there). Great snippet, certainly holds my interest.

  10. Hmmm… somehow, I suspect that he will be hearing from her again. Great snippet.

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