July 2015 Camp Update #5



To Breathe Or Not To Breathe

That isn’t my question, it’s my struggle.  Seems those sinus-related dizzy spells last week were a precursor to a particularly nasty cold virus.  At least two of my co-workers are on antibiotics, a steroid, and an inhaler because it turned into bronchitis.  Yay.

On a brighter note, my sinuses won’t let me sleep so I should have lots of extra time to write.

And time to write is a good thing.  I have no cushion right now (in fact, I haven’t even hit par for the day) but I’m determined to get at least 3k ahead today.

I’m not sure that all the words will make sense, but then, I have this lovely bit from yesterday to live up to:

“I’m a Tuanae, Vinadi. This is what I do. And what Bry does, which is why he needs to be with the others right now. Not because I don’t want him here with me or because he doesn’t want to be here with me, or because he wants or needs to be with the others, but because they need him to be there, whether they know it or not.”

I swear it makes sense in context, but… Yeah.  I do see a lot of red ink in its future.

In other news, Book 10 of The Academy of the Accord series is printed and in its three ring binder waiting for the series to be finished so it can be edited.

And in even better news, I’m pretty sure that I’ll wrap up Book 12 by the end of the month, which only leaves two books (6 and 7) to write.  And since I’ve more or less figured out how to tackle untangling them from the end of Book 5, it’s looking good to finish the series by the end of the year.

(And once Onyx Sun is with a beta reader or two I’ll start doing first run edits on The Academy of the Accord. There’s jus too much to do to be able to get the series in shape in one year, so I’m going to try to edit a book a month (while still writing 1k a day) for the rest of the year.

Well, except for November.  I’ll be aiming for 60k that month so editing goes back on hold for a month.

So, those are the plans.

Do you hear the gods laughing yet?



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