July 2015 Camp Update #4



I’m still holding onto par – barely.  This week is going to be tough.  I’m off on Wednesday so will try to get a cushion built up around cleaning the rat cage and doing laundry and all that other fun stuff.  Then I work on Thursday and am off on Friday, but it’s payday so I’ll have a ton of errands to run.  (But on the other hand, yay for groceries!)

Next week though…

Next week I have three days off in a row!  In addition to building a word count cushion, I’m planning an hour or two of library time each day to finish the folder project mentioned in the last update.  (I might not need that much.  I’ve started taking a notebook and a set of notes to work with me to try to tame them on my lunch break and two more books have been sorted that way.  Slow going is better than no progress at all.)

Book 12 of The Academy of the Accord is going amazingly well, though, at least as far as productivity goes.  I do feel like I have way too many threads running through it, though, and that the whole thing is getting muddled.

But that’s an editing issue.

For now, I’m having a great time with it and am trying not to think about its future.


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