Sunday Snippet July 12, 2015

More from Onyx Sun, a science fiction novel currently in second round edits, which are sort of on hold while I do Camp NaNoWriMo with a goal of 62,000 words this month.

Picking up a few sentences from last week.  Aelind Osbert has taken a small box from his desk drawer.   (Some of this is going to be changed when I get back to editing.)

The usual creative punctuation warnings apply.


“As you are no doubt aware,” he said, “your mother is now the Matriarch and has full control of all holdings associated with Swann Corp.”

She nodded acknowledgement. Pendelia Four had a matrilineal society and inheritance was always passed through the female line unless there were no female heirs, in which case the oldest male heir would act as regent – closely supervised by the Planetary Council – until such time as a girl child was born and reached her majority.  The company and the House’s place on Pendelia Four’s governing council had automatically transferred to Maureena at the moment of Ardelia’s death.

“However,” he went on, “your grandmother did leave something specifically for you.” 

He turned the box over in his fingers for a moment, examining it with a frown before pulling a disk from a slot on the top of it.

“I have no idea what is on this,” he told her. “I tried to play it so that if there was anything I needed to have ready for you I could prepare ahead of time, but it only displays static.  Apparently you need to activate it with a fingerprint i.d.  Also, our tech people say that it has some sort of encoding in it that makes it playable on only one device.  I trust that you own said device?”

“Thank you.  I trust that I do as well.”

She took it from him, staring meaningfully at the box it had come from until he passed that to her also, his irritation showing in his movements, and she smiled, knowing that he had been hoping for information about it.

Information that she didn’t have.



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11 responses to “Sunday Snippet July 12, 2015

  1. Interesting… So even she doesn’t know what it’s about? But she knows what device it might be for? Now I’m really curious. Great scene. I like the aspect of the inheritance passed down to the females instead of the males, it’s different and not often done.

  2. Karen Michelle Nutt

    I’m curious about the disk. Can’t wait to find out what’s on it, too. Great scene.

  3. Let him be frustrated–I don’t like him and what he doesn’t know, he can’t tell Maureena.

    Now: What’s on the disk, Paula?! You’re killing me, here!

  4. Nice snippet, Paula, and creative punctuation. 🙂 In my world of the Kingdom of Chalvaren magic passes from the matriarch to the child via blessings from their deities. I like the idea of inheriting from our mothers. I believe I read somewhere American Indians had a similar aspect in their culture.

  5. chellecordero

    Wow. Very curious what the grandmother left her. It seems obvious that the grandmother protected the info from any of Maureena’s manipulations. Great snippet.

  6. Intriguing snippet and I’m enjoying the worldbuilding. Can’t wait for more, especially about this mysterious disk!

  7. I want to know what’s on it too! What a super hook.

  8. That is one very nifty device!!!!! And now I wanna know about the information, of course. Great excerpt.

  9. Grandma to the rescue! The family intrigue just keeps getting deeper and more interesting.

  10. It’s always easier to withdraw information when you don’t have them. Nicely played. I love that high tech grandma.

  11. Oooh very intriguing Paula. Loved the mystery in it. And there’s a sense of feistiness to her that comes across.

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