July 2015 Camp Update #3



Not quite as productive as I’d hoped to be on my days off, but I stayed on par and got a little bit ahead.

And I did manage to “finish” book 10 of The Academy of the Accord. It doesn’t have a real ending yet (I really suck at endings) and I need to give it an epilog, but until I see how book 12 plays out I can’t really do either one, so…

So how did I fall behind?  I decided to tackle an organization project.

See, I have a set of file folders for the series, with random notes pertaining to each book — things to check on, add, etc.  And I found a huge plastic envelope stuffed full of papers pertaining to the series. It was really getting out of hand so on Monday I called our local Wally World and found out that school supplies were already out, so I went up after work and bought thirteen 17 cent single subject notebook — one for each book plus an overview.

On Tuesday I packed up the notebooks, the files, and the pile of notes and went to the library.  I got the pile of notes sorted into appropriate folders and started copying them into the notebooks so that they aren’t all scattered.

(In theory, doing this is going to make the rewrites easier, but we’ll see…)

I got the overview folder copied into a notebook, and also managed to get notes for books 1, 2, and 3 copied before I ran out of steam.  (The project was taking way longer than anticipated.)  The next time I have a couple days off I’ll go to the library and tackle the rest of the folders.

Went out for Chinese food afterward, came home, and tried to get some writing done but was starting to feel pretty miserable — the start of what I think is turning into a sinus infection.

I was actually in bed before midnight Tuesday night — unheard of!

Then I slept for 10 hours. (I usually sleep about six.)

Wednesday wasn’t any better.  I was so dizzy I wasn’t sure if I was going to walk across the floor or land on it.  (And, of course, a part of my mind was making note of the sensations and filing them away for future reference.)

I was supposed to work yesterday but called off — still dizzy and nauseated. My head was clearer though so I managed to get the rats’ cage cleaned and some laundry done and a little over 4000 words written, putting me on par for Saturday.

Not much of a cushion, but I’ll take it.

And new sinuses.

I’ll definitely take new sinuses.




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2 responses to “July 2015 Camp Update #3

  1. shegyes

    Get better soon!

    With such a large series, that sounds like a really good organizational system. I have got to figure something out with all my own works. I have papers, notebooks, folders and other information EVERYWHERE! Maybe I’ll end up stealing an idea or two from you. 😉

    • Steal away. I’m still not sure if this is helping or hindering the project, and won’t until the time comes to start editing, but at least I have fewer pieces of paper to deal with.

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