July 2015 Camp Update #1



It’s been a good camp so far.

As of this writing I am sitting at just over 8000 words and Book 10 of the Academy of the Accord series is almost finished.   The main events are over, so there’s just some mopping up left to do, and I hope to get that done during the next few days.  (I’m working now through Tuesday so my writing time will be limited, but since there’s not much left that just might work out.)

The ending had a couple surprises for me, namely the return of two people from Book 2.  I’m still not entirely sure what I’m supposed to do with one of them, but the other managed to both kick off the climax and provide the reason that one of the main characters will be in his hometown in the next book.

I hope that by the time it’s finished I’ll have decided whether I want to work on Book 12, 6, or 7.  I have no outline for any of them, but the best sense of what has to happen for Book 12, a couple of half-formed scenes for Book 6, and a fair number of half-formed scenes for Book 7.   Book 7, though, has too many places where I’m not certain which way to go with the story.

Ah, well, I have to finish Book 10 first, and then maybe I’ll just write the scenes that I “know” for 6 and 7 and see where they take me, especially since what outline I do have for Book 7 sort of fades out on a scene and now I have no idea where I intended to go with it.

(Apparently I still haven’t learned how to leave myself proper notes.)


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