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About To Start…

… playing catch up, that is.

Well, hey, I managed to stay on track through most of the month, then work got crazy and I got food poisoning.  Yay.

Anyhow, I’m only 900 words behind so that’s not too bad – as long as I manage to hold my ground and not slip further over the next few days.

Or at least not much further.

I have one more shift at work then I’m off for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Most of Tuesday (that’s tomorrow! Yikes!) is going to be spent on the road. Some long-time online friends who live on the wrong side of the Rockies are on the right side of the Rockies for a few days, so we’re meeting up halfway between where I live and where they are.  I’m really looking forward to getting to meet them after knowing them for 20-ish years.

And their daughter, too – she was in grade school when I met them and now she has a son who will be starting kindergarten this fall.

(I officially feel old now.)

I’m excited. And a little nervous but mostly excited.

(And, of course, the writer in me is filing that excited and nervous combo away for future use…)

In other news, the current draft of Onyx Sun has been printed and is ready for its second round of edits.

The original plan was to have this round finished by the end of the month and the novel in the hands of beta readers by July, with a planned release date of “sometime in August.”

I’m not currently betting on it, but I will have it released before the end of the year.

(One of the not-often-mentioned perks of being an indie author is not having hard and fast deadlines for things.  This is especially important when working full time.  I’m getting somewhat better at self-imposed deadlines, though, thanks largely to NaNoWriMo and my own stubborn streak.)

Something else I had hoped to have finished by the end of the month is the first draft of the current WiP – Book 10 of The Academy of the Accord series. I’m pretty sure I can still manage to pull that off.

But, please…

The next time I decide that it will be fun – or even productive – to write a thousand words a day while also editing something totally different than what I’m writing, someone just smack some sense into me.



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