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Sunday Snippet June 14, 2015

Picking up from last week, Taliya is facing a choice.  Leave to find her lover that her Mother sold into slavery (and live her own life) or stay and try to act as a buffer between her mother and the servants, people that she considers her friends.

Speaking of friends… it’s good to have a variety of them.

The usual creative punctuation warnings apply.

(For anyone coming into this for the first time, I’m posting a few excerpts from a science fiction novel-in-editing called The Onyx Sun. The first round of paper edits have been finished but I still need to make changes in the Word doc, and then decide if it gets another round of paper edits before it goes in search of beta readers.  Right now, that second round of paper edits is probably going to happen.)  


Taliya speaks first. (Emla is one of the maids.)


“Emla, have you ever heard of Elite Employment Agency?”

“They are supposed to be the best in the city, very hard to get registered with.”

“The owner, Belyn, is a friend of mine.  If you and the others want, I’ll contact him and let him know that I will gladly provide a recommendation for anyone who wants to leave here to find new employment.” 

“You would do that?”

“With pleasure.  And I’m fairly certain that he would move you all to the top of the placement list for me once I tell him what is going on.”

“Thank you.”   The relief and gratitude in Emla’s voice were so heartfelt that for a moment Taliya thought the woman was going to break into tears.  “I will tell the others.”   Her eyes sparkled as she barely suppressed a giggle.  “Maureena will not be happy.”

“No she won’t,” Taliya agreed, grinning.  “But you will all be happier and safe and that is all that I care about.  Maureena being angry about it is just a bonus.”  




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