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So Much For That…

My editing plan, that is.  I haven’t touched Onyx Sun except to take an excerpt for Sunday Snippets.

In my own defense I got almost no sleep Friday into Saturday so trying to edit a document would probably not have been a good idea.  I did manage to stay current on the 1K a Day challenge but I’m afraid to go back and read what I wrote – I’m sure it’s beyond cringe-worthy.

But, hey, it’s a rough draft. It’s supposed to be cringe-worthy.

And that brings up a good question.  When do you let someone read what you’ve written?

For me, unless it’s a Sunday Snippet of a work in progress I don’t share anything until it’s been gone over at least once.

I do make a few exceptions. I have a couple friends that I will run a scene past to see if it makes sense to them – if I’m being clear enough in what I’m trying to get across.  (But even then I make sure that the worst grammar errors and typos are gone before I let someone read it.)

So when do I look for a beta reader?  After it’s been gone over at least once, probably more often.  I want to have as many typos and grammar oopses fixed as possible, and have all plot holes patched and be sure that the world stays consistent throughout.  (The joys of writing fantasy and science fiction: not only do you have to worry about how your characters act, but how the world acts as well.)

I’m pretty sure that Onyx Sun doesn’t have too many glaring plot holes, except for a minor character that I need to make dead because he creates too many logic loopholes.

And I think that there are a few things that I need to make clearer – that make sense in my head because I know how the world works but the reader doesn’t.

Yeah, I think it’s going to need another printout when I finish this round of editing.  I’d better get busy…




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