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Editing, Writing, and Interpreting My Notes

First of all, I’m still current on the 1K-a-Day challenge.  In fact, I’m a hundred words to the good.  (Yes, I know it’s only the 5th. I take what victories I can find.)

I had hoped to develop a cushion of a few thousand words on my days off, but it didn’t happen, so I’m going to have to try really hard not to fall behind during the next four nights. (I just finished day one of a five day run at work.)

So, I didn’t get ahead on word count, but I did finish the paper edits of Onyx Sun, so now all that’s left is to get the changes entered into the Word doc.  Then it’s either print it off again for round two or send it to beta readers, depending on how I feel about it after I finish this round of edits.  Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up again next month, but I’m hoping for an August release for it, or September at the latest.

Of course, this means finding a balance between editing/entering changes and working on Book 10 of The Academy of the Accord series, my current project for the 1K-a-Day challenge.

But I do have a plan.  I’m going to do the 1K-a-Day challenge at night and make changes to Onyx Sun during the day.

How did I come up with this brilliant plan, you might ask?

Because my handwriting is basically illegible and the lighting at my computer hutch sucks.  Given these two truths and add in bad eyesight, if I want to have a prayer of interpreting my squiggles and scribbles I need the extra light.  (At least until I get a new floor lamp to put by my computer hutch.)

In other news, I was doing some rearranging of clutter in my room on my days off.  Not out of any great desire to clean or anything, you understand, but because I wanted to assemble the cupboard my mother gave my for my birthday back in February and I needed to make space for it.

(That hasn’t gone according to plan either.  I don’t know who drew the diagrams that pose as instructions, but whoever it is needs to be coated with honey and staked out naked next to a nest of fire ants.)

Anyhow, while moving stuff around I came across a blue plastic envelope/folder thingie that was stuffed full of pieces of paper. Turns out that those pieces of paper are notes for The Academy of the Accord series, so now I need to go through them and sort them into the appropriate folders for the books they belong to. (I have a file box for the series.)

I’m almost afraid to see what’s in there, though.

I did glance through it and pulled out a page with notes for my current project.  The notes start with this gem of usefulness:

R & R haven’t been heard from since Jidahn’s death.

Ummmmmmm… Okay.  That’s nice.  But what book did Jidahn die in?

For that matter, did he die?

I have a bunch of scenes in earlier books that have notes on them to move them to a different book, and I think that might be one of them, and I think that the original note on it was to move it to this book, but now it’s not going to fit here so it’s going to have to live (and die) elsewhere.

Actually, I think he did die two books ago, but I don’t think that R & R were in that book.  And I’m still not sure that it’s not one of those scenes that I’m not sure which book to put it in.

I really hope that the other notes make more sense.

I am soooo not looking forward to editing this mess next year.





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