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I Did It!

Well, actually I’ve done a couple things.

One of them – the one I’m really excited about – is that I got 31,000 words written in May.  Okay, so I stayed up until 4:00 in the morning on the 31st to make sure I’d get them done, and I had to go to work that day (fortunately, I work the evening shift) but I managed to get them done!

Now I just need to remember this lesson and not fall that far behind ever again.

(Anyone care to take bets on how long it’ll be before I’m in the same boat for June?)

The other thing I did was send the first chapter of Onyx Sun to a real live professional editor for a look-see. That was a big scary thing to do (I’ve never done that before) and I’m happy to report that not only did I survive the process, but I seem to be on the right track with the novel.  She saw no problems with the story itself so far and her only real comments were on the mechanics – grammar and punctuation and such.  Some of that may be style differences, but a lot of what she said is going to be applied when I enter the latest round of changes on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Before I did that I offered it to some people on FaceBook to get some feedback, and their comments will be incorporated too, if applicable.

And that brings up an interesting question.  (Well, interesting to me, anyhow.)

Whose impression/feedback is more valuable: an editor’s or a reader’s?

An editor can help with technical things, like grammar and pacing and development and tightening the story and so on, but it’s the reader that we want to entice.

So, which one’s opinion do you pay the most attention to?



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